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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Can your airline do this?

This one’s been out for a few weeks but is just now hitting the TV airwaves round these here parts. Feel the love for it here, but I was immediately thinking of the recent W+K Delta work and it’s pragmatic, business road warrior approach. We’re in roll up our sleeves mode now in America, and it sucks. Not because of a work ethic thing, but we’re so damn serious. Where are the big epic moments that inspire. (Aside from most things that Nike puts out.) Can we lighten the hell up? In that spirit, is this Virgin piece just one more bigger, bolder, over the top move by a CEO who wants to own commercial space travel? Probably. As the tag says, Your airline's either got it or it hasn't. ASPIRATION FTW. At $200K for a seat on his new toy though, that’s a lot of aspiration for the average traveler. But then Virgin Air travelers aren’t supposed to be average. The aptly named VSS Enterprise will boldly go... ain’t that the point?

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