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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dale Peterson is the new Sarah Palin.

Just when I thought Dale’s ducks were a nice weekend surprise, here he comes again! Sure he may have lost his bid for Agriculture Commissioner of Alabama, but like Palin, his star is rising and can only help others. This time, the Dale Peterson magic will save the great state of Georgia against King Roy Barnes. Check out Dale Peterson Says, where he lays down some pretty heavy Sarah Palin catch phrase action such as Give a Rip™, Thugs and criminals™, So listen up™ and Why™ along with his trusty Winchester too.* But wait, there’s more: If y’all get Dale’s clip past the 100,000 view mark, they’ll run the ad on Georgia TV. Dale Peterson also wants you to know that Dale Peterson is on The Twitter and The Facebook, too. AND HE HAS RINGTONES. If you give a rip about America, you’ll download you some.

*Why™ is of course pronounced [huh-waa-i].

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Anonymous said...

I cannot support anyone who uses Bleeding Cowboy.