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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don’t Vote – it’s your only Hope for America.

Well there’s a message I never thought I’d see. Latinos For Reform, or as I like to say, LORF, are imploring voters who feel they’ve been betrayed by false promises — to not vote. Out of everything I’ve seen so far, this is pretty shocking. They may think they’re using this as some kind of defensive move to get back at one party, but what it really does is push apathy. It’s definitely more offensive than a nipple slip during the Super Bowl. I only bring that up because the decision by the Supreme Court to open the floodgates for third-party contributions has caused this spate of attack ads – that seem to be ads in name only. Or maybe it gets to me because we were raised to always believe that you don’t waste the right to vote – ever. (Sure, it’s legal to *not* vote if you want, it just feels wrong.) I also get that one group feels betrayed, and that Obama took on too much, but the immigration issue was one that ignored for a long time by both parties.


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