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Monday, October 11, 2010

Buy a domain or Jillian Michaels kicks your ass.

Bob getting tired of Danica Patrick? Is he moving away from T&A? Is Jillian here to kick the ass of American business and get your flabby domain back in shape? (Lotta questions, I know.) Answers: Maybe. Not likely. Yes. Jillian Michaels is GoDaddy’s new sponsor. In case you haven’t gotten a domain from there recently, another change is that their prices have been creeping up. Discount codes aside, $11.99 for a new domain is a lot more than what initially brung ’em in. Used to be the only way to register a domain was Network Solutions and a very *fair* $72 a year. HA. Then came GoDaddy. Was there a frost that destroyed this year’s domain harvest to drive prices up though? It’s not like they need the money. They’re the case study for how to use every last conceivable pixel of space to upsell you those countless extras on a checkout page. Or maybe Danaka asked for a raise.

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