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Monday, October 4, 2010

Honey, can I take the Juke?

Would I buy a car because of a commercial? Never have before now, but damned if I’m not tempted here. The Nissan Juke just showed me everything that the Chevrolet Cruze took three spots to tell me in terms of features and performance. Am I a fan of the name? Not really, but it could grow on me given the spot doesn’t take itself too seriously with the stones it throws at conventional car ads. Not sure a serious tone would’ve worked anyway until people got used to the name. (Although, the European version’s almost Felliniesque execution is valid too.) Speaking of names, I’m not that picky that I’d base my decision on one, but that damn turbo though? Bang.

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Julio Garriga said...

Have you seen the European launch of this car? the ad changes completely! Nothing to do with this... more stylish though!