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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Medal of Honor gets real.

Depending on the industry, Hollywood movies and television have always looked to outside experts to get the look and feel right. Military, sports, medicine, etc. What’s striking about this Medal of Honor spot is the tone. By that I mean the basic understanding – or uneasy truce your psyche has had with reality – was that war titles were simply not, well, real. It’s easy to believe a world with Laura Croft because of the obvious fantasy-adventure themes, but Medal of Honor here destroys that line between what’s real and what’s not thanks to the endorsement of real soldiers. Yeah, they’ve used video games for years to train the military, and all kids grow up shooting at bad guys, real or imagined. This approach though seems to have eliminated the kid part for me in favor of a legit experience, and I’m not sure we don’t need that separation, no matter how authentic the recreation.

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