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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mountain, climbing.

I liked Dewmocracy as a movement. Not sure about the tone behind the tribute of It’s different on my mountain though. BUT THAT’S JUST ME. Old ad habits die hard though and give a brand a tagline to grab hold of, AMMIRITE? Pro skater and not the comedian Paul Rodriguez runs through a litany of moves that have been done in more compelling ways. Hard to do something different in the category after Spike Jonze put his stamp on things. It's still makes a nice mood piece for the brand. No surprise that Dew has planted it’s feet firmly in youth culture though while ignoring other demos who may drink it. And while I understand their disclaimer from a legal POV, hafta agree with one comment that shows how they undermined the message:

“It says 'professional skateboarder, do not attempt', your allowed to attempt skateboarding tricks when not a professional skateboarder. That's the point of skateboarding. Learning from watching others/videos or being creative.” – WorldOfLewis

(Agency: TracyLocke.)

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