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Saturday, October 9, 2010

MySpace’s new MyLogo?

IT’S REBRANDING MADNESS. I knew the grand daddy of social nets MySpace was getting a new look and focus, but this is different — and more of the same for where things are headed in the online space. Meaning, it’s the open-ended sufficiently generic look the Gap just checked off combined with AOL’s exploration of a visual pop culture vocabulary of common experiences. Since we don’t know who we are, and more importantly, since we’re really just here to serve you, then you can be anything you want. Abstract times call for abstract logos.


Simon Gornick said...

Not sure "abstract" is really the way to go for a social network that's trying to reboot itself. It seems to ask far too much of the my______ user, whoever or whatever they are.

Julie said...

Craziness...a logo with almost an inbuilt question mark.

Chris Baccus said...

It's Madlibs for Branding. What's next? Face____ Twit___ Linked___ You___