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Friday, October 1, 2010

Overheard internet...

Yep, they said it...

Looks like there's a leather strap on her possibly leather hat. And suede cowboy boots.  But hey, let's not let animal accessories on a naked woman distract from the important message.

What an idiot. Everyone knows that if you want to insult Steve Jobs, you do it on Gawker.”

There's "Mourning" in America? If Americans are in "Mourning" it's because the jobs they once had are gone, meanwhile the cost of everything from food to a home to a college education continues to skyrocket. This isn't the fault of one man or even one political party. It's our fault for not holding our public officials and the corporations who back them accountable. --- By the way, political advertising of this sort that purposefully distorts reality is shit. And like the shit that it is, we need to properly get rid of it.”
David Burn

okay....sell company to large public company and then complain about changes in policy?  STFU and go cash your check, numnutts. ” 

“Wow. Twitterers making fun of FaceBook. Kinda like WOWers calling DNDers losers.

“whatever moonbat. I'm as conservative as they come and I support this 100%. Take your used up political cliches someplace else hippie.

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