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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Profiles in courage.

From Twitter, all rel, all the time. Featuring scrapbookers and life Earthologists:

1) “Is passionate about changing the world through empowerment of our brilliant Earth Ambassadors in the national field, who are solar solutions sages.”

2) “Hypnotherapist, First Aid Trainer.”

3) “Allowing you to pursue your passion by providing key services to support your business!”

4) “Hey I am professional blogger and doing all my blogging in part time. I am passionate about online jobs.”

5) “I'm 23, no kids, a degree holder, handling my own, and I LOVE GOD! Can you match that?”

6) “I teach Scrapbooking and Stamping to all that wish to learn and I do it for FREE! Let me show you how to preserve your memories, Faster,simplier and easier!”

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