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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Taco Bell launches music label.

In essence, with their Feed The Beat pay a band to eat here initiative. Although it’s been around for five years, this is the first its shown up on radar here. Are you in shock? Do you care? Will this be authentic Mexican songs sung by authentic-sounding Anglo bands? HA, PART 2. No, it’s legit bands trying to make it big. I can’t hate The Bell™ for trying to attach itself to it’s demo’s life though, considering how many brands try. Maybe they’re hoping to catch lightening in a bottle when some of the groups blow up huge, and hey, a band you never heard of from a place they’re trying to get out of gets some press. WIN-WIN. Do I wish they would give away more songs? Of course. I’m download like that. Do I wish they’d lose that damn bell each time the page refreshes? Of course part 2. Hopefully, bands don’t have to work product into any of their songs. (They’re also on The Facebook and The Twitter.)

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