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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Team Coco is your friend.

Conan is the new Letterman. WHATEVER THAT MEANS. I guess it means, he's in the zone right now in terms of knowing his audience. I don’t tend to count Fallon, Kimmel and the rest in that because they seemed to have brought their audiences in from other careers (SNL, dating Sarah Silverman, etc.). Conan though does the deadpan thing exactly the way Letterman did/does and seems to be up for trying any type of gag, as long as it’s funny. The others, it feels forced. That’s why I’m digging the barrage of spots for his new TBS show (above), and the 24-hour live stream of his office on YouTube today. Hope it works out. (I liked his last promos where he was running on the beach, that is until he got screwed by NBC.) Social media nation though is going insane over his use of YouTube to promote, but it’s more a lesson in being a celebrity with fans who will follow you into any space.

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