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Monday, October 4, 2010

Zero minus Hero equals...

A red card for St. Wayne Rooney. (Ouch.) Sure we’re well into the NFL season but there’s always room for talk about the other football—and fallen heroes. The UK’s future footballing legend was caught offside with someone other than his pregnant wife, forcing Coke Zero to kill plans to have him on cans of Coke Zero. They’re reportedly in the mood to sever all ties with him, but will continue sponsoring his Coke Zero Street Striker instructional series – for now. Ad blog guy says either cut him loose completely or leave him alone and ride out the PR mess, but don’t go halfway. Anything else comes off as being hypocritical.

From a fan perspective, we’re almost immune to the fall from grace at this point. It’s not a question of if they’ll mess up, but one of who’s next. Admittedly, it’ll be harder for the brand to deal with this in the UK where the game is religion. Even if he loses Coke though, he still has three other major sponsors in HarperCollins, EA Sports and everyone’s favorite jock apologist (outside of ESPN), Nike.

Worst case, he could always come over here and hide out in MLS, soccer’s version of witness relocation. Who’d notice?


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