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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

AOL’s freshtastical new look.

AOL’s logo redesign felt like so many other attempts these days, where the brand hopes to correct – or ignores –  core problems with its product by slapping a fresh coat of paint on it. That look in the context of their new site makeover, seems to be lost. That screengrab is from their corporate site, but I actually like that look – for an agency site. The main site though has less life to it. AOL hasn’t abandoned it’s love affair with the portal approach either: They give you access to all the areas of your life they think you care about. That’s fine, as the New York Times’ redesign showed. Except, both layouts sure look similar, even if the Times’  has less of a splash of color that AOL is rocking. But is an AOL audience ready to get more serious, because that’s where they’ve positioned themselves.

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