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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dad, can I borrow the condoms?

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is set to release a spot that *breaks* the condom ban on TV – they say – when it runs this spot on Oprah and Family Guy. It’s not the first as they imply, but okay, anything to raise awareness for the importance of safe sex practices among the younger generation is good, yes? Thing is, This is Real Talk feels anything but. The only connection with her show may be the markets the spot will run in (Los Angeles and Washington, DC), but it sure feels like something she would produce. Campy, awkward and full of the type of acting at home in a PSA from the 1950s. Is it by design? While I want to give them credit for running the spot during a Family Guy episode – this is just the sort of ad the show skewers, thus extending its life online – that would be giving them too much credit.

The tone is ironic given how she positions herself as someone able to discuss frank issues with her audience – frankly. The dad though comes off as too earnest in his attempt to do what he *thinks* is helping his son. Except, the thing you should do for your kids first is to have a discussion, however brief, on being careful and protection – not throwing a condom their way as they’re running out and *hoping* they’re careful? O’s audience though will likely eat it this up. Can’t wait for the mother-daughter version.

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