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Monday, November 8, 2010

Dave Thomas returns.

Sort of. A new spot for Wendy’s is out for the Las Vegas market only featuring the late founder’s daughter and company namesake, Wendy. Shades of Orville Redenbacher back from the dead as you see a cropped Dave throwing down the wisdom at the start. Will it play to the masses? I guess. I always thought Wendy’s just made a better hamburger than BK or McDonald’s; it’s what first attracted me to them. (That, and their fries were better too.) But I haven’t seen that type of message in a long time. That aside, isn't it the rare offspring of a brand icon who can carry on without dropping the ball? Not sure, since I can only think of Frank Perdue Jr. off the top of my head. This just feels like the safest almost sappiest thing I’ve ever seen, completely dictated by the brand, and a tribute from daughter to dad. There's nothing wrong with the latter part either, but Wendy’s advertising has not come out with a real honesty that this ad and their current food porn kick strives for. Almost a blue collar honesty and ethos approaching what we see in a Ford F-150 commercial. As a long-time customer, I’m saying stop being cute and start telling me you make a damn good burger, and in those words.

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