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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cuteus Interruptus.

Do you want to smack them or give Chloe a hug? I DON’T THINK SHE’S OLD ENOUGH FOR A LICENSE BTW. Aww, the ending is cute, admit it. The Hilfilgers and their Wes Anderson Utopia are back for the holidays with Feastus Interruptus and a smashing – I said smashing – track with Vampire Weekend’s Holiday. YouTube, help a blogga out:

“only gang members wear [Tommy Hilfiger] + their smell ghetto cologne. Can’t really tell who ‘still wears’ Tommy Hilfiger. Feel like preppy bros just wear Polo / Northface”- Carles. I know this commercial was supposed to do some branding face-lift, but it might be too late. Ralph Lauren is really owning this market right now, with Purple Label (luxurious), RRL (rugged), and of course the classic Polo. Good luck though, Tommy.” – Liarsenic777

“Here’s a suggestion Tommy: Get that unshaven dude to wear the same outfit while running into his high school sweetheart while home for the holidays. Something we can all hope to do one day, you know, instead of inflaming pubescent, absurd, and unsophisticated perceptions of what wholesome social interactions are.” – Bloodroott

“i Love chloe so much! haha” – ghiking

“@Bloodroott it’s supposed to be funny. laughing = happy. also, you know nothing about marketing.” – Liarsenic777

(Agency: Laird and Partners. The same ones given unlimited shit for the GAP logo redesign/do-over.)

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