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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

They call it a viral - BO edition.

Hey Bill,

Have something you might find interesting/funny -- it's a new campaign from Gillette to promote their deodorant. Ever see their B.O. terror alerts on the NY subway? They've released a new video picking on a poor Mets fan at Citi field.

I realize that people feel like a hostage watching the Mets play, but given the current political climate, I’m not sure that NYC and terrorism are my first choices as the basis for a *viral* these days. YouTube, what sayeth you:

“nice funny way of promotion.. what a strategy !!” – TheMarina2582

“@gunmadkiller wtf, is this again some stupid american invention? everybody has body odour. if i don't get myself washed in the morning or do sports, i also have body odour. goddammit, you americans are even dumber than i thought. thank you god, for making me a proud european. at least i have the consiousness of intellectual supremacy over my american fellows (and believe me, i am far from the only one :)” – Fred1102

“@Fred1102 they obviously don't like it, neither do i tbh. I know it's natural but then so is having a dump in the middle of the street or woman having hairy legs but it's general frowned upon in our society. At Thorpe Park in the UK they don't let you on the rides of you stink of BO” – gunmadkiller

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Holy shizzle my comments are famous haha - gunmadkiller