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Monday, November 8, 2010

They call them Bon Jovi.

Wonder why I lose sleep at night?


Some cool news from Square Zero and LOVE Commercials, who completed the new
commercial for legendary rockers, Bon Jovi's greatest hits album. The spot
just aired in the UK this weekend and is due to debut in the US any day now.
Info below - please let me know if you'd like to speak with the director and
creative behind the commercial, Najma Bhatti.  Thanks! ~
[name omitted]


(London, UK, November 8, 2010) --- Najma Bhatti, a lead director at LOVE
Commercials and principle at award-winning production company, Square Zero,
has just completed work on an innovative TV commercial for the release of
legendary rockers, Bon Jovi's, Greatest Hits album.

[So... the album is a legendary rocker, or the band is?]

The spot, which was conceived and created by Bhatti, is produced by LOVE
Commercials with the post production, animation work and CGI provided by the
team at Square Zero. The commercial celebrates the band's momentous career
and draws on its broad fanbase and universal appeal.

Filmed in New York, the TVC features Bon Jovi performing in a series of
different rooms which represent eras in the band's evolution, executed by
shooting against a green screen, allowing them to be composited into the
different scenes, each rich with detail to represent the diversity of the
band's catalogue. Jon Bon Jovi pauses in each room to sing a different
track. When he enters the final room, the walls suddenly rise up becoming
relay screens and the whole space transforms into a fan-filled stadium. This
final scene was shot using a combination of green screen and a 3D stage
setup placed in existing crowd footage that was multiplied and layered to
create a sense of scale.

[Cool. I wouldn’t have figured that out otherwise.]

In order produce shorter international versions, Jon Bon Jovi's walk was
timed and synchronized to generate a modular piece, allowing footage from
each room to be joined together in different orders. Square Zero then
handled the CGI-heavy commercial's animation and post-production process.

"Bon Jovi is one of rock's most legendary bands, and has influenced
generations of music lovers. We wanted the commercial to represent the
journey and re-invention the band has made along with its huge fanbase,
symbolized by the different rooms and culminating in a huge event to echo
the Greatest Hits," said Najma Bhatti, Director, Square Zero. "Working
closely with LOVE Commercials, who coordinated the shoot, we used cutting
edge CGI to produce the stadium scene finale. Creating a flexible collection
of completed footage was also key during the post production process, so it
could be arranged and reordered as required. We were delighted to be invited
to work on this project, using our technical expertise to stamp a mark in
rock history
. "

[ Emphasis, shock & awe, mine.]

The Bon Jovi - Greatest Hits TVC was directed by Najma Bhatti, an
award-winning director at SquareZero whose previous projects at the company
include the acclaimed 'Nothing is Impossible' hologram for the 20th Saatchi
& Saatchi New Directors' Showcase at Cannes Lions 2010. It was exec produced
by Andy Thackery for Love Commercials, produced by John Lathan for Love
Commercials and edited by Nathan Perry Greene at Cut and Run.  DOP was
Russell Griffth and the Lead VFX artist was Jonson Jewell for SquareZero.

About Square Zero
Square Zero specialises in 3D production, live holograms, live action and
animation music promos, and virtual reality technology. Credits include the
'Nothing is Impossible' holograms for the 20th Saatchi & Saatchi New
Directors' Showcase at Cannes Lions 2010, the Frank Sinatra Hologram for
Simon Cowell's 50th birthday party, 3D stereoscopic content for Burberry's
London Fashion Week show and a Vauxhall Astra interactive commercial for
TRO. Square Zero has also recently won a Gold IVCA Award in the External
Interactive Media category, for their groundbreaking work on the launch of
the new Vauxhall Astra - a 360 degree Virtual Reality Experience and
interactive viral campaign.

About LOVE Commercials
Love opened its doors in London's Soho at the end of 2003. They have since
built up a flourishing roster of both commercial and promo directors
providing dependable and diverse directing talent, covering everything from
classic live action, beauty, comedy, special effects to animation, graphics
and digital media.

The company has become an industry hotbed for nurturing and developing
innovative new talent, under the creative guidance of founding director and
Bafta winner, Philip Dupée.

Love has been able to work across all media platforms, creating commercials
and content for many leading brands such as Smirnoff, Canon, Sony
Playstation, Orange, Volkswagen, O2, D&G, Prada, YSL, MTV, P&G Beauty, Puma
and Bacardi.

Love has a strong vision for the future and plans to continue to deliver
best in class work to a strong client base.”


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