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Sunday, December 5, 2010

How Dodge decorates the tree.

I love this Dodge Journey and Challenger spot that’s been running with Michael C. Hall on voiceover. Like the exploding monkey spot, it does something that the industry should get behind: Take over the shite masquerading as local auto dealer commercials which undermine the main brand message. I know it’s a general market spot for a specific event, but this is what happens when you let a real agency do the creative as this could easily scale down to the local level. I know there are the generic spots that local dealers customize by throwing their logo over the standard running footage, and as much as I love tacky local spots – I’d have no problem seeing a brand’s AOR take over duties on all the work to maintain consistency.

(Agency: Wieden+Kennedy.)

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully Goodby can do for Chevy what W+K did for Dodge. And now that Goodby added Half-Swede, half-Argentinean Joakim Borgstrom currently of Amsterdam as CD of the Chevy account, it will be interesting to see where they take em. I think Goodby should have a V/O like Louis CK for Chevy. But whadda I know.