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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Looks like the Falcons got past Vick.

At 10-2 currently, I’d say so. The Go! Team’s The Power Is On though is damn infectious every time you hear it in this NFL Play 60 spot that’s been out. (I’m not crazy about their other bus spot though.) But YouTube loves them some Dirty Bird! They just do:

“Hey Mr. Blank, we need you nod your head to this music. I know, it's not something you would ever listen to, but just try it” “mmmm ok. You mean like this?” “No.” – heat4yoass

“I can't get enough of this commercial. The beat is awesome, the song is infectious, and the Falcons KICK ASS!!! BTW why are people hatin’ on Arthur Blank for his head boppin'? Sure, old Jewish dudes aren't known for their rhythm. So what? You know what they can do? Buy an NFL team that has never seen consistent success and make them RELEVANT . Arthur Blank is the FUCKING MAN!! GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!”
– Bravefalcon75

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