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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Overheard internet.

Yep, they said it...

Google knows more about you than the Feds and The FBI combined. Too late, dont even worry about it” 

People can sometimes be, really inexplicable. "Why the fuck are my tax dollars being used for this?" --- Which makes me wonder... with the severe impact the financiapocalypse had on almost everyone, the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs, and a situation that balanced on the knife edge of complete economic collapse... what the hell WOULD you have used your tax dollars for, if not for righting the ship and making sure that folks (who mostly brought this shit upon themselves in the first place) have a chance to not lose their livelihoods? I mean, were people just really naiive to how grave things were, and did they really want an economic collapse to happen? --- It's a goddamn loan. The government gets that money back eventually. And that shit goes towards other things, like your interstate highways and project funding.

This is not a joke. This naked scanner and groping is arguably the most disturbing, offensive and criminal behavior we have yet seen from a government against citizens in living memory. I still cannot believe even one person was forced to endure this, let alone hundreds who have had their dignity and rights trampled on by Janet Napoletano. This has got to stop. Junk the scanners, fire the TSA, and Napoletano. Everyone who has been scanned and groped should be compensated financially for this outrage.
J Citizen

And now you can tier your friends. Facebook: now with 500% more useless drama. ”
Imogen Quest

Nobody is trying to be a grinch – I am sure if this campaign was marketed differently, people would be donating. However, the fact remains that people are turned off by the fact that this seems to be a self-promiting PR campaign in the guise of a campaign to raise money for children with AIDS. What's sad is, this is a good cause, but these insipid, entitled celebs think we really care about their digital lives enough to donate. This is an insult to our intelligence as potential donors, and an insult to the beneficiaries of the money - who are facing a dire situation that is nothing like ‘digital death.’”

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