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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rain-X? I put that s*** on everything.

Rain-X®: The product you probably never heard of has one of the oddest commercials around. Around for decades, the product has largely gone unnoticed in auto stores everywhere. THE STUFF JUST WORKS. It’s hydrophobic properties are insane when it comes to keeping water off a windshield, as it allows you to do one thing that really should be its positioning, but would never make it past legal in an *official* ad: FORGET ABOUT YOUR WIPERS. This clip is one of a few out that shows what driving looks like without them after applying it. Why, I myself has can driven for miles at high rates of speed on Interstatez after using it without turning the wipers on. The commercial though, nicely shot as it is, really doesn’t depict the real effect of what it looks like, instead using a bizarre mud slide windshield attack and a robotic actress. The HELL? I’ve haven’t seen any other campaign from the brand either, not even point of purchase materials that accurately depict what it does and why you should use it. Seems it’s more a word of mouth brand more than anything. Too bad, because it’s a great product in spite of its advertising.

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