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Monday, December 6, 2010

“We’re selling out shows simply because of Twitter.”

Plus the fact that he’s Kevin Smith and you’re not. But I digress. Fast Company has a look at the director’s Smodcast podcast empire in the making, and it highlights a few things about using Twitter to make Bank™ as they say. Is it the ultimate case study in how to use Twitter, no, I just it was a good story on growing a podcast into something more. I started listening earlier this year, but if you haven’t, it’s completely uncensored stream of consciousness riffing with no topic off limits.

It’s grown in under four years from just him and partner slash producer Scott Mosier to occasional live shows to now, one to two live recording sessions daily with fans in a small theatre called Smodcastle. His *honest* voice has its limitations though when it comes to advertisers. A brand like Pepsi won’t want to be on segments about threesomes with you, yourself and your wife, but Fleshlight will.

“For as much as I thought, Wow, this is a brand-new world, it's really the same old world,” Smith says. “Everyone tries to figure out how to keep it as similar to everything as possible, so this is like TV or radio ad buys.”

Not that it’s the only reason, but again, he’s still Kevin Smith, and it’s easier to bring a loyal fan base along when you try something new like this. It may not be selling out stadiums each night, but it‘s doing okay thanks to word of mouth and his pushing it on Twitter.

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