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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Abide The Dude.

If you’re into his Dudeness, you need to see this PBS American Masters doc. I came across it after I saw True Grit, a role which he simply owns, in yet another Coen Brothers classic. The main thing it reveals is how his indecisiveness in figuring things out is just part of his overall process. Whereas we have too many people in our lives trying to squash that aspect of what we do and force us to decide, sometimes ya gotta let that shit abide. Bridges always come off to me as one of those actors who appear disconnected from things in real life, but when the camera rolls, something just clicks and he’s in the moment and as *there* as anyone. Beyond acting and songwriting, he’s also still shooting behind the scenes pics of his films using the Widelux (worth a look if you haven’t seen the work yet).

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