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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Find your FINS.

So FINS for the Wall Street Journal is like Ladders, then? OR Monster... or Careerbuilder, or.... Maybe instead of six-figure gigs they specialize in finding pet-friendly jobs? I think you’re left asking why is this special from any other site and why should I care, let alone use it. If anything, it does come off most like LinkedIn – with a sponsor. I have to fill out info the way I would there too, and likely, will be hit up at some point by their resume makeover crew... for a nominal fee of course. When it comes to searching, I just think we’re past the *exclusive* come-on of Ladders and instead, just want to look at a list of existing opps without the registration gate. (, Mashable, etc.) No site promising leads to great jobs comes without some sort of price. It’s also the first campaign on a brand site that I’ve ever seen which listed creative credits. (Who does that anyway?)

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