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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Overheard internet.

Yep, they wrote it...

Mark just needs to follow the very simple privacy instructions on his FB page and this sort of stuff would never happen.” 

I grew up in a communist country. I know government run oppression.  You US born Americans tend to be grossly uninformed and helplessly credulous to the point of self destruction. Sadly, you pull the whole country down.  If you trade liberty for security, you don’t deserve any. Our fathers said so. If you think that immoral scanning and pat-downs make your flight safe, you really are a willful ignorant. You tell me, that I should not fly if I don’t like the pat-downs. I tell you I want my freedoms, my dignity and my flight so it’s your turn to stay home.  Is there anything you would stand for and be ready to die for, you self pleasing American?  As an American for 15 years, I tell you that the decay of this country is more than evident. And the downfall is not due to my conservative leanings, but to your cavalier attitude toward freedom that you don’t appreciate. Yep, destroy this country with your liberal stance and wait for the Chinese to define human rights.

How to cover your ass when you accidentally tear someones mirror off with your car 101:  1) Pretend to write them a note with your insurance information in case anyone is watching.  2) Blame others, with a heroic twist.”

I’m more offended by the awfulness of the spots. “This is just another example of crowdsourcing resulting in the production of ads that would never have been approved by a self-respecting creative director. The spots look like the work of high school boys — the ones who are driven to school in the short bus.
CD Knows Best

He’s serious about this. The Pope and I have become great friends through Adult Clergy Finder.”
Murray Hewitt

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