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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To DVD, and beyond.

Sorry about the really poor Buzz Lightyear wordplay. Suck it. After seeing a rerun of The Pixar Story last night, it’s easy to forget how far animation has come since the mid-90s. By comparison, the level of what’s out now either in video games or features is almost taken for granted. The clip above is from the Making of Toy Story specifically, but has a lot of the same players as the longer doc. (Check Pixar Story out on Netflix.) Thing that gets me after watching it is how a hugely successful company got started by people who didn’t know anything about computers (like director John Lasseter). Or how they had one computer to create new animations that hadn’t been done before, but still had to wait like everyone else for things to render. And it wasn’t just the vision of Steve Jobs that got them going, but his $10 million investment at the start. No bucks, no Buck Rogers. (Part 2 and Pixar trailer after the jump.)

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