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Monday, January 17, 2011

Whatever Happened to Style?

Aka, whatever happened to using a different song than say, four years ago when VW used J. Ralph’s One Million Miles Away. Aka, YouTube is just Communication Arts for the next generation of creatives to draw inspiration from. Because we've changed so much since then, I'm sure it’s taken on new meaning for Chrysler, though. Or has it:

“Not a one single black guy in this ad..LOL -- They all look nicely dressed like Mad Men.”

(Via Mack.)


Dave said...

You can't go from fins, chrome and top hats in black and white to what Chrysler offers today, hence the very brief glimpse of today's offerings at the end. No style at all, just a generic, jellybean shaped selection of cars, like everyone else.

Admonkey said...

Who needs YouTube for inspiration? The Chrysler creatives probably heard it when the VW spot aired on the Super Bowl. But it's fine. It's not like anyone was watching _that_.