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Monday, January 17, 2011

Why I need satellite radio.

Aka notes from the road... While trying to get the playoffs on AM radio Sunday – yes I said AM – I passed a great sign with Rush Limbaugh. (Older image above but it was the same top half, but instead Jim DeMint graced the bottom with a little spin on the typical call to action slash refrains of most all political spots: “America Bless God.” The better part though was discovering nothing but hardcore preaching on the dial from South Carolina up through West Virginia, land of the soul miner’s daughter. For realz kids. Which sounded a little something like this and this. Excuse the crappy audio but all I had to record snippets with was my cell. (On the second one, he shouts out some kind of sound in-between each line. Energetic!) That was also before I discovered Gun Talk. I really need Sirius.

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