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Thursday, January 6, 2011

You have about 4.

Staring off-screen and awkward sign holding doesn’t diminish the overall online detox vibe of You Need to Get Off Facebook, written by Ross Gardiner. (Which can be found, ironically enough, on the Facebook.) Give it a chance to build even though at times it comes off as too earnest, as the more vulnerable and genuine moments bail it out. Although taken as an anti-Facebook rant, the theme could apply really to any social network you spend too much time on as well. Song: Thievery Corporation - Marching the Hate Machines. (Tip: Tico.)


Anonymous said...

facebook sucks. get over it. go ride a bike. meet a friend in a park. or by a river. or anywhere you can talk in proper sentences and not be bombared with google ads or useless info.

Curator said...

Unfortunately this is very hackneyed to say the least. Try looking at Bob Dylan's original instead.

However, the message is a potent one all the same!

mtlb said...

@ Curator. Yep, the message is the point. Dylan’s original has been done to death, so much so that most people should recognize the technique.