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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Duke would never use Twitter.

Nor should he:

“Hi there,

To celebrate the release of the seminal 1969 Oscar-winning Western True Grit on Blu-ray (it’s out 7th February 2011) John Wayne gets off his horse and logs onto Twitter!

To mark the four decades since this classic was first released The Duke will be online on Twitter for four hours, this Friday 11th February – allowing film fans to find out exactly What Would John Wayne Do…

Twitterers will be able to ask any questions they have about life, love and everything else by directly tweeting at @TrueG_JohnWayne, but make sure the tweet uses the following hashtag #wwjwd. John Wayne will reply by offering a solution to your everyday dilemmas in the inimitable style of Rooster Cogburn. The John Wayne agony aunt directing the troubled people of Great Britain in 2011 to live their life by the moral code of a cowboy – is this the solution to our problems?

- JW Agony Aunt will be online from High Noon on 11th February 2011
- @TrueG_JohnWayne
- #wwjwd

Please get in touch with any requests/reviews copies/ or further information: (Redacted)

All the best,

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