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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Grammys were on last night.

Or so I heard. YO, CHECK OUT NELLY. While you weren’t skipping past the AARP lineup performing live – only group missing was the Sugar Hill Gang – did ya catch some dame solid Target spots? (After the jump.) No of course not. You were to caught up in the Twitter buzz talking about the show INSTEAD OF WATCHING IT. *Raises hand* Big TV events driving the Twitter again. LOOK AT THE FIERCE EMINEM.

(See more here.)

Then, Progressive insurance tried to branch out a la GEICO and add another *voice* to their current campaign. This via some dashboard Floness while paying tribute to Nationwide’s Guy walks around talking about savings:

You want winners? Arcade Fire cemented itself in Hipstory (at least for a week) with Album of the Year, as the music industry continues to cling to outdated formats to label its product. (Best AF tweet of the night? You decide!) Fresh off his Super Bowl Chryslerness, Eminem looked fierce yo. I said fierce. But the winner for Best TSA Pat Down of Pop Music Culture while Shoving Brand Messaging Down Your Throat has to go to Hp. Has Apple ever needed to alter the music to fit their product benefits like this? Decide America:

Yep. Can’t WAIT to see the Oscars.

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Everyman* (There's always a Disclaimer) said...

Best tweet last night was referring to AARP member and one of the better performers (but I only saw last 30 minutes of show)of the night Mick Jagger:

colsonwhitehead colson whitehead
RT @alittlejelee: When my grandfather was 67, he could barely walk from his VA hospital home to my Mom's Chevy Chevette. Go Mick. Go!