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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not even once.

My first few days in the Lowcountry, and I’ve already struck PSA gold with a nice feel-good anti-meth campaign from the Georgia Meth Project. It’s actually repurposed from the Montana Meth Project campaign originally created by Venables Bell & Partners. It features several high-profile film directors, including Tony Kaye of American History X fame here. (For a complete breakdown of each series, go here.) The message is ‘Not even once,’ which speaks to the highly addictive nature of meth, where you could become hooked even after using it just once. Not that I side with the naysayers over the campaign’s effectiveness, but with any addiction and someone needing help, I’m just not a fan of interventions or PSAs. In and of themselves, these things tend to be external influences which can be meaningless to the addict who just doesn’t want to change, as that desire needs to come from within. Still, this spot’s pretty jarring. Yet other spots in the campaign have real addicts talking about their experiences with the drug.

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