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Monday, February 7, 2011

The other Super Bowl spots.

Those would be the regional spots that ran wherever you happened to live. In my case, South Carolina threw up my personal choice for wtf? had been running outdoor down here prior to the game, with their bold Yella Fella cowboy hero and no other clues. (The brand makes pressure treated Souther pine.) The spot above called “The Lady from Silver Gulch” though ran several times and continued its Western saga theme, which qualifies it for a Wtf? in my book. There’s wood everywhere and a Blazing Saddles approach that makes you wonder.

Then there was the Jack in the Box spot which someone on Twitter tipped me off to. A PET AMERICAN BALD EAGLE NAMED BROCK and custom U.S. Constitution paint job up the wtf? factor:

Got any local or regional greatness that ran where you were, lemme know.

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