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Monday, March 14, 2011

“Click-click-click... click-click.”

That’s dolphin speak for...

Dairy Queen: “Do what you want but just makes sure you mention our new deal along with a product shot.”

Agency: “What if we had this guy come out with a guitar who acted serious, just like Old Spice guy. Then, when he plays, the guitar makes a dolphin noise. At the end, he plays again and now it sounds like a cat. See, this ties back to the offer because we improved on the first sound and gave you two. How RiDQulous would THAT be.”

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dhart said...

reminds me of the Portland agency (that shall remain nameless) that pitched a commercial for Farmer Boys... featuring a guy who falls on the floor and can't get up, then a bunch of mannikins fall on him, and they catch on fire while he's captivated by our Farmer's Burger. Agency go bye-bye.