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Friday, March 25, 2011

Help wanted: Copywriter for U.S. Government *police* actions.

Are you good with a turn of the phrase? Do friends remark on your witty comebacks at parties? Then we should talk!

OPERATION ODYSSEY DAWN? When Dolph Lundgren movies have better titles, something’s wrong. Seeing as we lobbed half a billion worth at them, why not just call it Operation Tomahawk Field Test. Has a nicer ring. You could also use Apple’ naming convention: Operation Leopard? Or Pulp Fiction characters: Operation Wolf. (Our missiles are 30 miles away – but they’ll be there in 10.) Seriously, who in government procurement gets the call at 2:30 am and has to start brainstorming names. #hastosuck


Virtual Data Room said...

What if someone is not located at your area. Its amazing that US Govt need a copywriter from here..

Cynthia Maniglia said...

Where do I send the RFP?

- GI Copywriter