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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Meet Jeep Jr.

So much borrowed interest, so little time. It’s now the monster that stepped out of its dad’s shadow to become the new Hummer.


Andy Jukes said...

I’ve worried about this for a while. The worst thing Jeep could do is go after Hummer in the Monster-Overkill category.

“Jeeps” are meant to be tough, light and versatile. These are not.

Everyman* (There's always a Disclaimer) said...

A "Who Do You Think You Are" for automobiles. maybe they shoulda went the way.

But heck, at least they didn't use Martin Sheen and his winning, warlock son Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Not sure this was produced by Wieden. The multicultural shops were producing ads that didn't feature the Wieden tagline, just as this spot doesn't. Plus, using a celebrity like Ali's daughter is such a contrived tactic for multicultural shops.

Anonymous said...

Yup. GlobalHue is taking credit for this commercial. That explains the borrowed interest, contrived cliches, etc.