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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More is the new...

I have more work lately, you get less posts. See how it works? Speaking of more... Embassy Suites runs with the theme that is now an American staple: More of everything with Mr. More directed by Roman Coppola. (Yes, THAT Coppola. Son of Francis Ford Coppola, brother of Sofia Coppola, nephew of Talia Shire and cousin of Nicolas Cage, Coppola.) So ennyway... Perceived value is better than actual value, I suppose. Least that’s what America’s been sold on for some time. Cupholders and extended warranties ftw. As for travel, who doesn’t want more room. Embassy Suites figured out long ago that if they shoved two $55 rooms together and charged $120, people would think they’re getting an extra room. I’ve stayed there in the past with the fam and for the money – see how they got me? – it wasn’t bad. It’s a place to throw the rugrats when mom and dad want more ‘quality time’ together at night, maybe even throw in a free breakfast, but it still suffers the same issues most hotels deal with. Those same rugrats running through the halls during travel soccer season, loud ice machines or CSI-quality spreads and carpet. (Oh wait, I might be thinking Super 8, sorry.) But having recently stayed at a few chains while looking for a rental place, the word ‘suite’ is being applied too liberally in the industry these days. Note to anyone using ‘Quality’ or ‘Suites’ in your name... you’re setting yourself up. A microwave and fridge do not a suite make.

(Agency: BBDO.)

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