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Monday, March 7, 2011

We never close.

This Always Open branded entertainment content series for Denny’s feels... off. Not that it’s too scripted or has blatant brand mentions in the dialog, but there’s something about it that makes me feel uncomfortable. Lack of chemistry? Not sure. When I’m hanging with friends or watching a group of friends on the screen, I want to feel like I’m privy to something special, and I don’t here. The dynamic is made even more odd with David Koechner’s yelling and nodding to the camera. (Mic too close when they’re chewing food, bonus!) Maybe there’s too much injected schtick, but I’m trying hard to figure it out. Maybe it’s Denny’s trying to co-opt the actual diner experience, except it’s not late at night and there are less mirrors. Immediately made me think of a few dining scenes that were scripted but which came off more real, and that happened to be in diners. (After the jump.)

(This last clip doesn’t take place in a diner. It’s Bill Murray with Anthony Bourdain and yes, Murray throws down a little of his patented schtick, but it works. He’s Bill Murray – he can make anything work.)

(Via Agency Spy.)

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warren said...

My take on the ad is that it's unpalatable because it's monumentally, soul-drainingly stupid.

Any time your ad agency wants to mix those morons in the Sonic commercials with a quasi talk show format, you can count on a breathtaking level of idiocy being produced.

I'm not sure what sort of demographic they're targeting, but I suspect they wouldn't be allowed to vote due to mental incompetence.