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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Because Coachella is all about dead people.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I owe you people some content. HERE YOU GO: So as you drive through Bob Hope’s Lost American Golftopia, aka, The Palm Springs™,  you discover what may be the best outdoor sign to grace this blog... and Coachella. Why burden your loved ones after you’re gone? PRE-PAY THAT SHIT! Anyway, it was a fun hot mess: 97° > copy & paste x three days, kids. A little more photage action after the jump...

A ton of these.
...and these. More than a few dedicated fans.
Some Tim Burton/David Lynchian night action.

Lots of hanging out.
Sadly, where things fell apart for Bing.

Don’t laugh, it’s actually a BMW.

Heineken’s DJ AC tent was noice.

Typical view if you got there late.

It’s all about the flames.

The fact book says Aussies rep at Coachella.

Speaking of hot, the flatbread pizza oven? FAB!

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