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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chick-fil-A... the Jet Blue of chicken.

A stretch perhaps, since I originally had written ‘Wendy’s new fries are shit,’ I figured why not go positive instead! The original inspiration for this rant was born out the Ohio chain’s latest ad campaign extolling the virtues of their new natural cut, sea salt-bathed fries. Props to being able to throw one by the American public that because it's sea salt, that it’s somehow – wait for it – better for you. Nice work if you can get, innit. The rough-hewn potatoes they claim these come from are the same potatoes all fast casual chains slice, except, we left a little peel on to give it that rustic edge AND BATHED THEM IN SALT. (Did I mention that part already?) How stupid are agencies expecting people to be, seriously.

Why do I care? Why do you care that I care? I’LL TELL YOU WHY.

Wendy's fries were the one thing that had always set them apart from the other chains (That and the square burger thing.) That's more or less not true anymore since most chains have switched to less flavorful yet healthier oils to fry them in. Still, they always had good fries. This new campaign though is grasping at straws. HAVE YOU TRIED THEM? The damn things are bathed in 500 mg of sea salt to the point you can’t enjoy them.

Great for their soda bottom line, not so much for your blood pressure.

Which brings me to the picture above. Parastealing Mr. Hogan as he compares fries: That’s not a fry... THAT’s a fry. That my friends, is a real fry. Chick-fil-A’s crinkle cut kick your ass monster fry. Hands down better than anything out there. So freaking good you can eat two orders as an entree itself. AND I HAVE – THEY DON’T EVEN NEED KETCHUP. A local barbecue chain has fries almost as good; the thin type with skins that Wendy’s was aiming for and missed... (but I digress).

The overall thing about Chick-fil-A though is how consistently solid they are in all areas of their operation. (They don’t serve burgers, just chicken.) The staff is unnaturally polite to a tee... every. single. time. No exception. The place is clean. Quick service. Funky ads. Closed Sunday (which I admire). Everything prepared fresh. Throw in the occasional “God bless” and in short, it's almost like the Jet Blue of fast casual places.

Which makes Wendy’s... Delta?


James-H said...

I can't give Chic-fil-a too much credit, but it really is the only fast food I'd suggest to my son. Mostly because I'm addicted to their lemonade and their superior chicken nuggets. The waffle fries are nice-to-have.

As for Wendy's salt-bath fries: it's innovate or die time. They just picked the wrong thing to start with. Wonder what agonizing overthink in the reserach dept. lead them to start there? Isn't that where all bad decisions begin?

Anonymous said...

We ate at Wendy's the other day and my 10-year-old was impressed by the "sea salt" signs everywhere.

Then I explained that it just means 'salt that came from salty water' and she was less impressed.

Then my wife tried to say that it is coarser, thus you actually end up eating less or something, but I shut her down. Seriously?