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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jumping on a Bandwagon.

Now that my conversion to good ol’ boy is underway – more and more I’m talking in country music lyrics – I’m taking a few minutes out to promote an event down Savannah way called Bandwagon, April 15-17. Billed as “a three-day celebration of the fine art of music + event poster design, with exhibitions, panels, workshops, film screenings, live music and a chance to meet and learn from more than 40 of the industry’s most inspiring artists.” Aka, insane national/regional design talent hanging sharing poster love. It’s run by my new digs BFG, and highlights what agencies need to do more of in by creating/owning something of their own outside regular client work.

The other event BFG sponsors is Geekend, now in its second year and hitting Savannah and Boston this fall, with openings still available for speakers and presenters, so hit us up.

(If you feel like liking you some too, we won’t say no: Bandwagon & Geekend on Facebook.)

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