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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

“We make burgers.”

Why is this message so hard to pull off? Hardee’s is *getting* to that place that Wendy’s and other food porn-favoring brands aim for (the ones with their ‘Gosh!’ fake bullshit personas), but it doesn’t feel quite there yet. They resurrect what Sonic was aiming for in some of its recent attack spots and their playful tone, so I like that. Still, it’s a message anyone in the industry should own though, where things are played unapologetically straight. Problem is, everyone in this category just can’t avoid having some kind of beer angle slash humorous edge to the execution. Wendy’s should take a campaign and approach it like the Ford F-150: We make damn good burgers. No apologies. Stop with the stunts and cute bullshit.

(Agency: David&Goliath.) (Via.)

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