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Saturday, May 7, 2011


COLD WILL NO LONGER BE... YOUR MASTER? Oh there’s a lot of history in the latest Master of Cold series from Coors Light. (Most Interesting Man, Old Spice Guy and my personal fav Wendell.) Via YouTube Nation:

“to all american beer companies: stop insulting the collective male intelligence with your STUPID FUCKING ADS. -- even if your beer DIDN'T taste like shit, i still wouldn't drink it because of these MORONIC ADVERTISEMENTS and CRAPPY PACKAGING GIMMICKS! -- not to mention this is a blatant rip of the old spice guy... -- sorry to get so indignant, but this commercial sucks on so many levels...” - deliman

“Definitely ripping off the Old Spice commercial. But I gotta admit, that is a super hot hottie.” - cheekbrown


Dave said...

This model is getting tired. Saw another execution just recently for something that escapes me, but the tone/intonation/over-the-topness was identical. For my money, the winner in this overplayed category is still Keith Stone.

Dave said...

Ah - found it - it's DQ, trying to be all smug.