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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beancast - Hashtag this thang.

Yours truly has been busy as..., apologies for the lack of quality content you’ve come to expect – or quantity of content. You choose! (No real work per se, just me out on the road buying iPhones and taking pictures like this.)* So yeah, anyway, it’s always odd to be on a show with someone from a brand you’ve given an inordinate amount of shit to, but Pepsi digital director Shiv Singh was totally cool this week. (He does not know my love for the brand, apparently.) Joining in were Kelly Eidson from Modea along with Gini Dietrich, (Spin Sucks). (Show notes here.)

Download the show now or listen through iTunes.


*I kid. Busy as hell but how karmatically odd to have THAT be the first pic I take with my SHINY NEW TOY?

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