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Sunday, June 12, 2011

No dessert until you finish your masterpiece.

Yeah, well, let’s see if she can pull off abstract expressionism with an Etch A Sketch, then we’ll talk. There’s a comment to this piece on art phenom Aelita Andre though that sums up a bigger problem. Whether it has everything to do with God-given ability or artist parents who nuture kids, the way students are exposed to creativity in schools these days is still lacking. That said, forget her art for a second and notice how confident she is as she creates here. Amazing.

“There are many children that age who have a natural artistic sensibility. Our education system does not nurture artistic sensibility so it often gets weeded out over years in the system. Her parents are both artists so they have been nurturing her from birth. In other words, if someone paid attention long enough (and had an eye for it) you'd probably see more artistic talents emerge at an earlier age. Perhaps not to the extent of little Aelita here, but then who knows?” – CarlaMusic



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