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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You’ll remember the Alamo now.

(NSFW) By now you likely heard movie theatre the Alamo Drafthouse’s unique self-promo piece. Unintended as a self-promo I’m sure, but hey, when life gives you irate self-entitled customers, you make viralade. Too busy lately to rant hardcore like I used to but this is worth me taking five. When agencies and brands and gurus and whoever else talk about “Content is King,“ the discussion is usually in the context of projects that cost a lot to produce. (Ray-Ban vids may go viral but not before some serious cash is put out to both make and seed them.)

But with Alamo here, they’ve shown you don’t need a large budget. There’s no alchemy at work here (except maybe the time spent on After Effects). Things at work: 1) Knowing who you are as brand, 2) Recognition of voicemail gold, 3) People love watching other people lose it and 4) The willingness to do something with it.

How many brands would be too afraid to make fun of a comment, possibly risking more ire from their community? It’s only because they have a strict anti-texting policy in place that they could see doing this as an extension of what they’re about. Could people have rallied around the complainer for being singled out like this? Sure, but people also like watching someone lose it. (As evidenced so far by the nearly one million views double what they had yesterday.)

Alamo: remembered.

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