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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The No Football League is back!

THAT MAKES NO SENSE. Excuse a second posting from Agency Heat so soon, but this is one they threw together for EA Sports to promote the end of the NFL lockout. Except, no sympathy from me for either side trying to blame the other guy, as the players in this spot come off in a way that indirectly says “Hey fans, wasn’t our fault.” Except, it was both your “faults.” I lived through strike football once and was prepared for it again, but seriously, a big f*ck you to both for once again using fans as pawns in a game that both sides knew the outcome of. Except part II: It’s really players and owners on the same side vs. fans, innit.

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Greg said...

I agree BUT...while this whole battle was played out in the media, it really did not harm the fans at all. What, the opening pre-season game was cancelled? Not like anyone watches the pre-season. Both sides know they need us: the fans! They know exactly where that $8 billion they were fighting over comes form (directly/indirectly).