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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Notes from the road.

Sitting here scoffing down mini bags of Southwest's finest snack cuisine and going 43 emails. This is the first time flying them and I have to say it lives up/down to the hype/ad campaign. I’m puzzled/intrigued though by an airline that will throw a celeb and regular citizen off a plane, but then hire for a flight attendant who I can only describe as a guy equally at home working the paint counter at Lowe's - beer belly and all. I’m left describing the experience as akin to flying with your high school cafeteria. #loud

Despite that, it's the first time in weeks I got the seat I wanted, thanks to a general admission/no seat assignment policy. Not sure I'll be as lucky on the next trip, but compared to the US Airways experience this time – and the bent suitcase I got from baggage – I’ll take it. Plus, along with the pilot, paint man brought a Tommy Boy vibe to all the announcements.

This comes after a few days weeks of hitting the road for pitches and whatnot. Some of the whatnot involved reinforcing the idea with clients that ad campaigns mean nothing if the experience people have with your brand sucks. But at some point, every brand sucks. Just when one does something you love, they’ll likely turn around and do something others hate. THERE’S NO PLEASING YOU PEOPLE. For now, I’m good with them though.

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